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Modules of Accounts Inventory

Human Resource

  • Manage Employee Information
  • Track employee records
  • Daily Working Records
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Payroll System
  • Travel Expenses & Reimbursement tracking
  • Leave Management


  • Item Management
  • Track the Stock of Items
  • Items Identified by Unique Code
  • Trace its current location in organization
  • Inter Company Transfer
  • Inventory Control, Master Units, Stock Utilization
  • Inventory module with Purchase module of ERP

Sales & Marketing

  • Typical sales process includes processes:
  • Sales queries & enquiry analysis & handling, quotation drafting
  • Accepting sales orders
  • Drafting sales invoices with proper taxation
  • Dispatch/Shipment of material or service
  • Tracking pending sales order
  • All these sales transactions are managed by sales module
  • Purchase

    • Procurement of items or raw materials
    • Supplier/vendor listing, supplier & item linking
    • Sending & Receiving quotation request to vendors
    • Analysis of quotations
    • Preparing purchase orders
    • Tracking the purchase items
    • Preparing GRNs(Good Receipt Notes) & updating stocks

    Finance and Accounting

    • Whole inflow & outflow of money/capital
    • This module keeps track of all account related transactions
    • All expenditures, Balance sheet, account ledgers.
    • All budgeting, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management
    • Financial reporting is an easy task for this module
    • Trail Balance, Cash flow, Income Statement Reports
    • Required for running business is available on one click by it