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We are fully focused on implementing 100% automation of all business processes within the jute industry.

Always ready to share our 15 years Experience in Jute Industries.

Only we are providing a complete ERP solution in Jute industries.

You can trade fixed expense for variable expense through our versatile deployment models (Cloud, Hybrid and on-premises); increase speed, agility and stop spending money running and maintaining data centers.

Our Main Goal

Revolutionize the Jute Industry in Bangladesh with Our Goal-Oriented Solution - Transforming Outdated Systems and Harnessing Our Decades of Expertise and Experience to Fuel Your Success.

Get to Know Us?

At Victorc2b, we are a leading custom software services company based in Bangladesh with expertise in Jute ERP software "Jute Keeper" and jute industry consultancy. Our talented teams of professionals have extensive experience in utilizing a diverse range of platforms, technologies, and languages to deliver innovative and impactful solutions for our clients. With a focus on driving success for the jute industry, we strive to bring our clients modern, efficient, and streamlined business operations through the integration of cutting-edge automation systems.

Our Mission & Vision

Jute is a valuable resource and presents numerous opportunities for growth and success. However, despite its potential, this sector has been neglected in terms of automation. That's where Jute Keeper comes in. Our comprehensive ERP solution integrates with the existing technologies to provide a modern and efficient way of managing your jute business operations. With our team of experts, we can ensure a minimum of 10% growth in your business.

Our Areas of Focus

We are a specialized software development firm, dedicated to providing specifically tailored to the needs of the jute industry. Our highly skilled and experienced team leverages their expertise in the latest programming technologies to deliver solutions that not only write code, but also drive business growth and optimize jute industry operations. With a steadfast commitment to elevating the jute industry, we are dedicated to delivering software solutions that bring new levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability to the industry.

What we have done

🧿 Our decades of industry expertise along with over 15 Years of Experience in the Jute Industry, Built into Our Comprehensive Solution.

🧿 We have developed a complete solution for the jute industry designed to be integrated with your existing technology while providing a new way to manage your business.

🧿 It has been developed with feedback from experts and end-users who have been working in the jute industry for many years.

What we will do

"We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions and support for your jute industry through our industry-specific Jute Keeper software, leveraging our expertise and experience to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business. "

  • Jute Industry-Specific Solution:
  • Jute Keeper has been designed with the feedback from jute industry experts, providing a tailored solution that caters to the specific needs of the jute industry.
  • Flexible Deployment Models:
  • Through our cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions deployment models, we provide complete system administration service including installation, configuration, data backup, system security, and system up-gradation and storage management.
  • Service Level Agreement & Support:
  • We ensure SLA by monitoring systems, diagnosing and making necessary changes to optimize system performance. We provide 24x7 on-call supports for system software, hardware and database.
  • Data Synchronization:
  • The software allows for database synchronization across all devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablet, and provides real-time data access.
  • Unified Accounting:
  • The unified accounting feature allows for easy syncing of all journals with the Income Statement, providing a clear and accurate financial picture of the business.
  • Activity Management:
  • The activities module streamlines the management of sales orders, purchase orders, and other key business activities, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • User Management:
  • The user management feature allows for the creation of multiple users with their own user IDs and passwords, providing enhanced security and control over user access.
  • Outmoded System Replacement:
  • Jute Keeper is designed to replace outdated systems and provide a modern and comprehensive solution for the jute industry.
  • More than 15 Years of Industry Experience:
  • With more than 15 years of experience in the jute industry, Jute Keeper has a deep understanding of the industry's needs and requirements, providing a reliable and effective solution.
  • Integration with Existing Technology:
  • We perform complete Integration of cloud systems into client’s current environments; and perform migration of database set. We perform UAT (user acceptance test) along with the client and knowledge sharing session for client’s operations team; providing a seamless transition to a new and improved system.
  • Maximize Your Financial Benefits with Our Comprehensive Solution:
  • Reducing Process Losses, Boosting Productivity, Mitigating Pocket and Streamlining Raw Jute Purchasing and Production Planning with an In-Depth Sales Analysis.
  • Data Security:
  • At Victor C2B, we understand the importance of protecting our client’s sensitive data. We employ the latest and most advanced security measures to ensure the complete safety of your assets. Our security systems include user-defined or role-based guarantees, user-level restrictions on transactions, activities are automated as well as physical backup processes, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Trust us to keep your data secure and protected at all times.

Modules of Jute Keeper

Raw Jute Purchase

Jute Purchase is a module in a software system that helps manage the procurement of jute, a versatile natural fiber used in many industries. It streamlines the purchasing process, ensures quality control, and improves inventory management.

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Raw Jute/Pile

Inventory is stock held for business operations, including raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. Proper management is vital for production, costs, and customer satisfaction.

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Packing Production and Inventory for Jute Yarn

The Yarn, Cloth, and Bag Production module is a software system that streamlines the production process of these jute products. It tracks inventory, manages production schedules, and improves quality control for efficient and effective manufacturing.

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Sales and export

The Sales & Export module is a software system that helps businesses manage their sales and export operations. It streamlines the sales process, tracks orders and inventory, and manages shipping and export documentation for efficient and effective trade.

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Import and Commercial Management

Import and Commercial Management refers to the process of importing goods from foreign countries for commercial purposes. It involves managing logistics, customs clearance, and compliance with regulations to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of goods across international borders.

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HR, Payroll and Admin

HR, Payroll, and Admin are three essential functions for any organization. HR manages employees, Payroll ensures timely and accurate payment, and Admin oversees operations to support the company's success.

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MIS System

HR, Payroll, and Admin are three essential functions for any organization. HR manages employees, Payroll ensures timely and accurate payment, and Admin oversees operations to support the company's success.

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Jute Assortment with Wages

Jute Assortment refers to the process of sorting raw jute fibers according to their quality and grade. It is an essential step in jute processing and helps ensure that the final product meets the required standards.

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General Store and Inventory System

General Store is a retail store that sells a wide range of products, including groceries, clothing, household items, and electronics. It is a one-stop-shop for customers looking to purchase multiple items in one convenient location.

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Cutting Sales

The Cutting Sales module is a software system that helps businesses manage employee compensation based on their work output. It tracks productivity, calculates wages based on pieces, time, or unit, and generates accurate payroll for efficient and fair payment.

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Wages Management (Time, Unit, Weight rate all types of wages)

The Wages Management (Time, Unit, Weight rate all types of wages) module is a software system that helps businesses manage employee compensation based on their work output. It tracks productivity, calculates wages based on pieces, time, or unit, and generates accurate payroll for efficient and fair payment.

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Accounting & Finance

Accounts module is an essential component of our Jute Keeper software system. It allows users to manage financial transactions, generate reports, and maintain records of income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

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Our Clients

We don't just write code

We are dedicated to transforming the jute industry through innovative software solutions. Our highly skilled and experienced team specializes in customizing software to optimize your business operations and drive growth. From system architecture and design to development and system deployment(Cloud, hybrid & on-premises), project management, IT support, and testing and quality assurance, we offer a full range of services to meet your specific needs. System Architecture and Design


At "Jute Keeper" Software, we are committed to delivering exceptional software services that exceed our clients' expectations and establish a lasting partnership. Our vision is to be the first choice for software solutions, and we strive to earn our clients' trust and confidence with every project. With a focus on delivering top-notch results and exceptional customer service, we are dedicated to building lasting relationships and ensuring complete client satisfaction.


At "Jute Keeper" Software, our commitment to delivering exceptional software services is rooted in our extensive experience in the jute industry and expertise in Jute ERP software. Our teams of professionals’ boast over 15 years of experience in design, development, and testing, ensuring that each project we undertake is approached with the highest level of skill and precision. By combining our technical proficiency with a steadfast dedication to providing top-notch service, we set ourselves apart as a leading provider of quality software solutions.

As a custom software development firm, Victorc2b Software has amassed an impressive resume of projects. It’s the custom nature of our development projects that has enabled Victorc2b to acquire vast experience in many diverse areas of software development. Our experience in conjunction with our quality personnel, enables Victorc2b to be dynamic enough to tackle almost any software development project but special we're only one experience in Jute industries area. Victorc2b has a proud history of utilizing experience to provide our clients with the best services possible. This difficult task is accomplished by applying experienced personnel to every project. Victorc2b was founded on the principle of gathering an elite group of software engineers, system administrators and ICT professionals, and leveraging their collective abilities. Naturally, each of these "producers" brings their own particular specialization and experience to the table. Once they join the Victorc2b team, we cross-train our consultants to diversify and increase their overall skills. The result for our clients is a group of individuals that can genuinely contribute and have a positive impact on development projects.

Areas of Expertise

  • Over 15 years of experience in jute industries (ERP) software analysis, development, implementation, service and continuous development with a big MIS team at world's largest jute yarn industries
  • Over 15 years of experience in jute industries software with a FCA profession. Domain expert of Victorc2b
  • Web-Enabling Applications
  • Point-of-Sale and General Business Services Applications
  • System Architecture and Implementation and Administration
  • Client/Server applications and Distributed Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Jute Project Management Consulting like
  • Machine wise hands setup
  • Pocket loss with Wastage Control Management
  • Wastage Control Management
  • Productivity Increase
  • Machine wise productivity calculation
  • Cost analysis and count wise costing documentation etc.
  • Our services are available on both a fixed and variable cost basis.
No matter what your industrial development challenge, Victorc2b consultants are a valuable resource.

Proven track record

At "Jute Keeper" Software, we are known for delivering outstanding custom software solutions and project management services that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Our extensive client base features well-respected companies in both the USA and Canada, as well as the largest jute yarn mill in Bangladesh. Our wide-ranging expertise encompasses the entire software development process, and we have a proud history of delivering consistently high-quality results.

Why We Are Different

  • Over 15 Years of world large Jute Industries Experience
  • Over 20 Years of IT Experience
  • We know how to implement software in easiest way
  • We can make effective policy in every section of your jute industries
  • Cloud, Hybrid and Local/on-premises based solution
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Approach to build long term relationship
  • Global exposure and diverse expertise
  • Expertise on diverse technologies & domains
  • Expertise in wastage control, hands-on engagement, efficiency, productivity, production planning, supply chain management, etc.

Some key features of industrial based Software solution

  • Integration
  • ERP modules integrate all departments and functions of an industrial business, allowing for seamless communication and data sharing.
  • Data synchronization:
  • Keep all your data updated across all your devices including mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • Automation:
  • ERP systems automate many manual processes, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.
  • Improved data accuracy:
  • ERP systems provide real-time data, which helps decision-makers make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Unified accounting:
  • Streamline your accounting process with the easy-to-use unified accounting feature.
  • Better inventory management:
  • ERP systems can help industrial businesses better manage their inventory levels, reduce stock shortages, and minimize excess inventory.
  • Increased visibility:
  • ERP systems provide a centralized view of all operations, allowing managers to have a complete picture of their business and make informed decisions.
  • Activities module:
  • The Jute Keeper software effectively manages the procurement process for raw jute, as well as all other essential materials including spare parts, packing materials, and production materials, providing a comprehensive and streamlined solution for the jute industry.
  • Enhanced collaboration:
  • ERP systems facilitate collaboration among different departments and functions, improving communication and decision-making processes.
  • Better cost management:
  • ERP systems can help industrial businesses reduce costs by streamlining processes, reducing waste, and optimizing resources.
  • Improved customer service:
  • ERP systems can help industrial businesses improve customer service by providing real-time information and automating processes.
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics:
  • ERP systems provide advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to monitor performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Scalability:
  • ERP systems can be scaled to accommodate the growth of an industrial business, providing a flexible solution to meet changing needs.
  • User management:
  • Create multiple user accounts with unique login credentials, and control access to sensitive information using the user management feature.


  • Software Design
  • Design is often the most critical phase of any software development effort. In many cases, the quality of the finished software is directly proportional to the quality of the initial design.
  • Development
  • The key to quality development is sharp people with a well thought-out plan. Good organization allows developers to modularize the development process. This results in rapid implementation of a system that can be easily tested and expanded for future versions. Victorc2b provides a highly qualified high profile and experienced technical staff with years of software development experience.
  • System Architecture and Implementation
  • System performance and deployment agility depend on System Architecture, implementation and after that System Administration. Our versatile system deployment models (Cloud, Hybrid and Local/On-premises) ensure operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability. Victorc2b provides highly qualified, experienced and certified Cloud Solution Architect and System Administrator with years of experience.
  • Project Management
  • Victorc2b clients often require additional consultancy and managerial support to supplement their in-house development efforts. Victorc2b is uniquely qualified to provide this vital support. The professionals at Victorc2b have worked on countless software development efforts and as a result are well equipped to quickly anticipate and address problem areas on a given project. Victorc2b can serve as troubleshooters or if need be assuming management of an entire project.

  • IT Support and Network Administration
  • Victorc2b has IT network professionals familiar with all types of heterogeneous networks. Clients have utilized our services to design, install, and manage their network systems.
  • Complete Turnkey Systems
  • Complete, integrated systems are no problem for Victorc2b.Integrating hardware and software to form a new automated system is a classic utilization of Victorc2b’s resources. Victorc2b has negotiated discount hardware reseller agreements with Network Appliance Computer Services to help provide our clients with a low-cost source for their hardware needs. No matter what your hardware needs are, from massive file servers down to desktop PCs, Victorc2b can get it for you and often for less than buying it direct.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • With our experience in the software development field, Victorc2b can provide an extremely valuable third-party perspective, when brought in to test/QA another vendor’s software. System testing is fundamental to the quality of any software. Although many developers take short-cuts and settle for only testing their software during development (Alpha-Testing), we at Victorc2b always encourage our clients to include a distinct testing phase to any software project. This testing phase allows the system to be tested as a completed unit, and is usually done by someone other than the developer. In this manner, additional user feedback on the functionality and usability of the software can be integrated prior to initial release Completion of the testing phase is accomplished through preliminary use by actual end users of the software in the real world conditions of the client's site (Beta-Testing).
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Prior to committing substantial resources to a given project, often clients want to obtain more data on the obstacles related to successfully completing the project. Victorc2b team members have experience serving in this “recon” type role. They can quickly and efficiently identify the primary and secondary “hotspots”, then prepare a Feasibility Report for the client. This report contains aranked list of all the technical, logistical, and managerial problems associated with the proposed project. In addition, it provides preliminary estimates for cost and time.
  • Technical Documentation and Training Services
  • Victorc2b System Administrators along with the developers have developed numerous user manuals, reference guides, and introductory training materials to accompany our custom software over the years. This experience has provided us with the ability to quickly generate production quality documents. Rather than hiring technical writers (who are often unfamiliar with the underlying technology) to extract information from developers, many of our clients simply have Victorc2b develop the supporting materials. Victorc2b System Administrators have become so good at this in fact, that many clients have engaged Victorc2b for the sole purpose of creating technical documentation and complete training programs.

    Our Team